Fertin Pharma's history

The history of our company begins with the history of the affiliated company Gumlink, formerly known as Dandy

Fertin Pharma was set up in 1978 as a Dandy Group subsidiary to undertake research and development into chewing gum as a drug delivery system, on the basis of Dandy's existing expertise.

Today, Fertin Pharma is a company of the Bagger-Sorensen Group, and we conduct business on a global scale.

Milestones in the history of Fertin:

  • 1915 Holger Sorensen founds Vejle Caramel- og Tabletfabrik - later renamed Dansk Tyggegummi Fabrik A/S
  • 1927 The company's first chewing gum, "Vejle Tyggegummi", is introduced to the market
  • 1939 The brand name Dandy appears for the first time
  • 1972 Opening of the existing factory on Dandyvej, Vejle
  • 1978 The Swedish company Fertin, known for their V6 chewing gum, is acquired by the Bagger-Sorensen Group
  • 1996 Fertin Pharma initiates the production of nicotine chewing gum
  • 2001 Fertin Pharma A/S is established as a subsidiary of Bagger-Sorensen & Co. A/S
  • 2004 Opening of FDA-approved Fertin Pharma factory in Vejle
  • 2011 Opening of Fertin R&D centre in Mumbai, India